Millennial workers largely comprise industries like bars, advertising and public relations, report says

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Millennials have reportedly established quite a presence in certain industries.

In identifying the percentage of millennials that make up the adult working population across 266 different businesses, Business Insider unveiled in their report Thursday the top 30 industries that are largely comprised of members from the young generation. The data does not include the U.S. Armed Forces, they noted.

To determine the results, the outlet said they analyzed individual-level census data from the Minnesota Population Center’s 2017 American Community Survey Integrated Public Use Microdata Series. Data from 2017 was the most recent available from the organization.

Using guidance from the Pew Research Center, Business Insider said they considered the millennial age range to be those who were 21 to 36 years old in 2017.

Leading the list with 59 percent of millennial employees was the bar scene, according to the outlet. Internet publishing and broadcasting, and web search portals followed with 56 percent, they said.

Electronic stores, video tape and disc rental and electronic shopping also reportedly had a high percentage of millennial workers, reaching 55, 54, and 53 percent, respectively.

Beauty salons (41 percent), car washes (42 percent), as well as advertising and public relations (47 percent), also made the list, the outlet said.

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