Texas Woman Accused of Lighting 5-Year-Old Stepdaughter’s Face on Fire as Punishment


BY –POSTED 7:58 AM, JUNE 1, 2019

A Texas woman is accused of pouring alcohol on her 5-year-old stepdaughter’s face then setting it on fire.

Dalia Jimenez, 20, of Grand Prairie, faces a charge of felony injury to a child.

Jimenez initially told officers responding May 13 to reports of a child with burns that the girl was hurt while trying to light a candle, according to KTVT.

After investigators questioned her about several inconsistencies, Jimenez allegedly admitted to dousing the girl in rubbing alcohol and using a lighter to set fire to her face.

Jimenez told police she did it because the 5-year-old had been “yelling previously in the home,” KTVT reports.

The girl suffered burns on her cheeks down to her jawline, with smaller burns on her shoulders.

Grand Prairie Detective Greg Parker said during a press conference that Jimenez is believed to have left the girl’s injuries untreated for two days.

Child Protective Services has removed the victim and her younger sibling from the home. KDFW reports that the father was not home when the incident happened and is not expected to be charged.

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Texas Woman Accused of Lighting 5-Year-Old Stepdaughter’s Face on Fire as Punishment

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