This company is offering $1,000 to someone willing to give up their smartphone and use a flip phone

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Frontier Communications introduced the “flip phone challenge” to those brave enough to apply. The company said in a press release. that it would choose one person and pay them $1,000 to use the throwback gadget. The company will also give the recipient a “boredom buster swag bag” which includes a map, pocket phonebook, notepad, pen and a few CDs from the 1990’s.

The company asked the winning person to log their experience and track “how long it takes you to do basic tasks” such as emails, texting and looking up something on the internet. The company also asks the person to document how many hours of sleep they got a night and if their productivity changed.

The Norwalk, Conn.,-based company said bonus points will go to applicants who are active on social media or “willing to vlog their experience.” Applicants must be 18 years or older to be considered.

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A Frontier spokesperson told MarketWatch. that the winning person will sign a contract saying they will not use a smartphone device for seven days but can use a laptop or a computer for work.

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